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Reply to "Removing skirting from MTH Amtrak ribbed passenger cars"

This is my first foray into Amtrak, for as my name suggests, I’ve been all NYC since day one. Mostly pre-Cigar Band. I’ve focused on trains I can only run at the CNY NRHS club; fixed pilots and scale couplers.  To make a long story short (too late), I’ve spent most of this COVID summer taking my daughter around central New York watching trains and ended up buying her an MTH Premier Genesis and 6 matching Phase V Amfleet cars so she can run them at the club and got hooked. You know, the old race on Sunday, sell on Monday trick. This was also my first MTH engine that I hadn’t converted to TMCC.

Well, I’m just starting my Lake Shore and plan on F40PHs from MTH. I like the K-Line F40s but they’re rare nowadays. Swapping sounds is a piece of cake. In fact, the SD40 sounds I used in my Atlas GP35 would probably be the sound set I’d use in a K-Line F40, if I find one.

So far, I have two MHCs, smooth side baggage, smooth side coach, an Amfleet coach 2-pack, and a “ribbed” diner and sleeper, shown in this thread.

I just made another modification...

I just cut the ends down and plan on using some steps to be a little closer to the modified Budd cars. I already emailed MTH to get more steps. In black, of course, to be accurate.

photo from rrpicturearchives.
Check out my YouTube channel for some recent videos of CSX and Amtrak around CNY.


- Mario


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