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Reply to "Renninger’s Quakertown Train Meet- Anyone going"

I thought it was great- at least as good as the one in August-I think there was more variety. anyone go inside and check out some of the trains at the shop in there? There was quite a selection. Didn’t get anything “big” like last time(Legacy engine) but I got a little of everything that I’m very happy about. Pics of 90% of what I got are below!

i normally don’t do this, but to demonstrate how great it was, I’m going to say what I paid

Got The NW Maxistack on the right as I was doing a final sweep...$15


K-line diecast operating log dump car- $10. The bottom part had zinc pest so I removed it and put new trucks on(I don’t worry- I’m gonna change the wheels)885969C9-8A52-4A53-9610-12819C3F16BD

Only the flat car is new. !but the corgi on top look great and the flat is nice and sturdy $35DA658EE-63F1-4B56-BD18-BF3F79165B21

Junk load for ore car $17FDA21C4-0D12-4CFA-9B49-F4AB1C589DDC

2 packs of MTH figures and Lifelike street accessories pack- $5 each. Gray ramp-$1


MTH RK train show trailer- $10. Gravel pile-$1. Die cast figure sitting in car is great size!-$3


Gray thing to be used for scratchbuilding in back. 4 of these Figures(authenticasy hammered, K-line bagggage person, and the 2 Lionel police were $1 for all 4. The 2 sitting figures on the ground are diecast-$3 for both, soldier and farmer-$3 for both2C860E2B-0D13-47B0-818E-BC63EC0706EC

also got some nice Tinplate pics are shown in images. Anyway- I think those are some pretty decent deals


Images (10)
  • 0D94968C-C9D4-42B4-96D5-E48F1A3D1D16
  • 885969C9-8A52-4A53-9610-12819C3F16BD
  • 5DA658EE-63F1-4B56-BD18-BF3F79165B21
  • 7FDA21C4-0D12-4CFA-9B49-F4AB1C589DDC
  • BD730F61-44FB-42B5-90D8-D8403639D7C8
  • E19CC855-0E0F-4D7A-AAB3-24874980257D
  • 2C860E2B-0D13-47B0-818E-BC63EC0706EC
  • CC3C6280-7CC6-4DF9-9B20-076A856BE04F
  • E10253CC-5744-4250-8C8F-5EECA1727DDF
  • 206795B9-138D-415E-BAF3-21894DF63A90
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