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Reply to "Repainting the numbers on a ZW Large Handle."

@Jerryc86 posted:

This is what I used.

I used it with a hand drill. You have to go slow as if it's to fast or you spend too long in one spot you will melt / Warp the plastic. I would know because I did , and it took me a few weeks to find another original to replace it with.Also when doing it I suggest you apply some kind of polish as your buffing it off.

I had 2 months off from work because of covid during the winter months. The hardest is the lettering on the back side where the binding posts are. I had a few zws that needed restoring, so with trial and error I got better at each one.  so here are some pictures of one that I bought from New York electric trains a couple months ago. this is a complete teardown, clean, service, repainted and tested. If anyone is ever looking to have theirs restored or purchase one from me when I have it available , let me know.


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