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Reply to "Replying in WTB section"

Hot Water posted:
roll_the_dice posted:

Over the last few weeks, I have tried to respond to  WTB items both from a thread I started and to someone else's thread.  Each time I get a message that states:

"The reply you posted must be reviewed by an OGR Forum administrator. This is to insure that the images you included in your post are not copyrighted photographs. If your post is approved, it will be posted to the forum shortly. If your post is not approved, it will be deleted from the moderation queue."

Then I am not approved for the message.  I have not tried to post I am not sure what is going on.  This morning I tried to reply to a message someone left me in a thread I started.  I wrote:

"Thanks Tom...that is exactly what I am looking for...Atlas snap track to start...then start buying Flex.  When I am ready for the flex, I will send you an email.  Thanks"

I received a "reply not approved" email.  Not sure what is going on, but it is very frustrating!

Just a suggestion: why bother replying to the post on either the "For Sale or Trade" forum, or the "Wanted to Buy" Forum? You SHOULD be replying directly to the person by way of their eMail listed in the Person Profile, according to the "rules". If that person doesn't have an eMail listed in their Personal Profile, then you are wasting your time.

I guess my mother raised me to be polite and respond to people when they talk to me.  

On another note, Alan sent me an email and said what GRJ said...they view it as bumping the thread...which I was not trying to do, but just answer....  I knew the replies in the FS section were strictly verboten, but didn't know that in the WTB section.  but now I know and that is why I asked.  Thanks for the email Alan and responses guys.

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