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Reply to "Required/Recommended Practice when Assigning ID numbers to Lionel TMCC/Legacy Equipped 'Matching' A and B Units"

@PH1975 posted:

JohnB - "The only B units that need an operating coupler is the B unit in a AB set like the new E7 City of LA UP set."

or the Postwar Celebration Series TMCC equipped Wabash F3 AB Freight Set (6-31711) released in 2003.


    Is that not what I just said?  However if they don’t have a operating coupler on the B unit you could always upgrade it. I don’t know what were the details on the Postwar Celebration Series were.

The Train numbers for TMCC are from 1 to 9, TMCC ID's are 1 to 99.  For Legacy, the Train numbers go to 99.


    Are you sure Legacy train numbers can go to 99? I recently was setting up a train using the CAB2 and entered Train# 61 which did not work then remembered Train numbers were 1 to 9 only. I can not remember if these were Legacy or TMCC engines but recently the only TMCC engines I have run were my TMCC Sharks where I use the engine # not a train # so they must have been Legacy engines. We did upgrade our Legacy system since at my club and have not tried using double digit train numbers since. I will give it a try this weekend. Was the expanded train number range included in a Legacy upgrade?



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