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Reply to "Restricting Xfmr Output for Childrens Interactive Layout?"

Don / Pete:

I have pasted in the instructions provided by our club's "Train Doctor Ted" who added the pot meters to our kid's layout CW80 transformers.  I've also attached a photo of the pot and wiring.  If you have questions, I will be happy to pass them along to him.


Procedure for installing an electronic 'governor' to the throttle on a CW-80 transformer.

Purchase a 100K potentiometer at 1/2 watt; same approx. physical size as the transformer's throttle pot.  The pots's shaft should be approx. 3/8".

Remove the shell of the CW-80.

Unsolder the 'RED' wire off the transformer's throttle pot.

Solder a 6 inch wire to the throttle post that you just removed the 'RED' wire from.

      New Pot


On the 'new' 100K pot, short the middle post to one of the end post and connect the 6" (Blue) wire to these 2 posts.

On the 100K pot, connect the 'RED' wire to the other end post of the 100K. (You will need to extend the length of the 'RED' wire.)

Install the 100K pot in the back of the transformer shell to the right of the transformer's power outputs.  Make sure that the position of the pot does not interfere with reinstalling the shell and the wire connections of the pot does not touch any internal transformer parts.




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  • Pot meter for CW80 transformers on Kid's Layout
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