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While RMT boxcars many seem similar to other boxcars, rest assured that the new RMT boxcars are from a brand new RMT-only tooling/mold. RMT does all artwork for logo and lettering in-house and specifies correct pantone color matching for all paint used.

New technology allows sequential roadNUMBERS now in a process that is also used on other manufacturer's products.

Yes, but are the new ones scale sized or semi-scale?  What are the actual dimensions of the car body exclusive of the couplers?

Looks like OLD Williams molds to me like Menards. Never understood that thingy hanging underneath. Never seen a box car with that. 

That thingy is a Westinghouse K-brake cylinder.  It was outlawed for new built freight cars in 1933.  They had to be removed from all interchange freight cars by 1956 and replaced with the AB system currently in use.


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