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Reply to "Ross Switches: How to keep non-derailing rail tips apart where they meet at the frog?"

@CAPPilot posted:

Actually, that is what I did.  Memory is not that great and its been a while since I did it, but that is why you need a stiff piece of plastic.  To push it into the soft tie material.

I went one better.
I drilled approx. a 3/32" hole thru the tie, between the rail flange tips, and right up against the frog.
The pic shows a hole not quite up against the frog, but that was the first hole that I drilled.
I then cut the piece of a black zip-tie, with a sharp point, as shown in the pic below, and forced it down into the hole in the tie, so that it is truly locked in place.
When the JB-Weld goes on, and around this piece, it should hold everything well in place, and never allow any contact.



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