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Running some Neil Young passenger trains today!

I have always been a big fan of Neil Young. I listen to his music all the time in the shop. I think Neil had a very positive influence on our hobby and Lionel trains in particular. His history with Lionel and “Liontech” has been well documented many times. 

During the last decade, Lionel produced a number of products in the “Neil Young Signature Line”. Regardless if Neil was involved or not in the selection and ultimate production, I think it was a nice tribute to the man that pioneered realistic sounds and command control we have today.

 I am fortunate enough to own (2) of his “Signature Line” passenger trains. The 6-11194 “The Texas Special” and the 6-11195 “The PRR Trail Blazer”. Both of these sets contained a powered and dummy F3A and (4) matching passenger cars in a beautiful set box. Available for separate sale was a (2) pack add-on of cars (“station sounds” diner & Baggage Car) and matching powered / dummy F3B units. Overall, these are very impressive sets to see running the rails.

 I was moving some equipment around this morning and decided to stage the two passenger trains and take some pics before putting them back on the shelves for a little while.

 Both of these sets were issued in 2014 and may still be available today. Although, the Texas Special set is a lot tougher to find.

 Please enjoy the pictures.





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