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The railroads did and still do ship containers on flatcar but a double-stack? Not likely.

Image result for container on flatcar [cofc) is a combination of which two modes of transportation


Except, that's not a container on flat as such.  It doesn't go anywhere except back and forth on the CN.

That's a Distributed Braking Car, a dedicated car used to help maintain air pressure in cold weather.  There's a generator, compressor, fuel and air tanks inside the old container.

Air Brake Repeater Car CN 0009

"The March 2009 issue of TRAINS contains an article by Dan Calabrese on  new technologies in use on the CN in Canada; where there are Distributed Braking Cars. These cars are used in flat terrain to facilitate longer trains without using additional locos as Distributed Power. The cars resolve a winter problem of very cold weather, shrinking gaskets, obviously a real problem on the Canadian plains."



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