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seeking input regarding values - mostly O tinplate

A train friend died recently, and I'm trying to help his son determine values for his tinplate stuff.  I'm the only member of our club who knows anything about tinplate, so I volunteered, but I'm looking for second opinions as some of this stuff is outside of my wheelhouse.  Please note that these items are NOT currently being offered for sale; my goal is to help his son and widow get fair value for them.

I'm looking for two values - buying for resale, and selling at a meet.  I have listed my opinions, but would like yours.  Thanks.

MTH 10-1096 No. 87 crossing signal - C-8, box is P5 or P6 - $15 for resale, $20-25 at a meet

MTH 10-2223 MTHRRC 200-series reefer - C-9, box is P7 - $35 for resale, $50-60 at a meet

Lionel 817 O-gauge caboose - C-4 - $5 resale, $10-15 at a meet

Lionel 605 O-gauge Pullman - C-4 - $5 resale, $10-15 at a meet

Lionel 606 O-gauge observation - C-4 - $10 resale, $15-20 at a meet

Lionel 251E O-gauge loco - C-4, wheels are bad - $15 resale, $30-50 at a meet

The O-gauge items are intact but have many spots of surface rust.  Sorry, but I don't have good pics, although I think I've graded them conservatively.

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