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Reply to "Seen this before? MTH LED Full Vista Dome 20-64071"

@stan2004 posted:

There must be some "conspiracy" with eBay Asia sellers where I can't find a good deal on 1/2W inductors any more.  I got my lifetime supply a few years back on eBay for a couple pennies each.

In any case, if you're willing to try and wait, there's a seller there where you can get 22uH 1/2W inductors for 5-10 cents each in small quantity (free shipping from Asia):

eBay: 191964602221, $6 for 100, six cents each shipped.


Aliexpress, 500 1/4w with shipping $5.56, so a little over two cents.  These are smaller, but I suspect plenty of current handling for any LED lighting applications.


eBay: 192872567052, $15.98, a little over three cents each.



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