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Reply to "Seen this before? MTH LED Full Vista Dome 20-64071"

Actually I was looking at using the Accessory Output from my Z4000 ( 10VAC or 14VAC) to power Menards Buildings and other LED lights on the layout.

Understood.  There have been several OGR threads on this.  You can get low-voltage AC-to-DC converter modules such as:

ac dc non-isolated stepdown

The above unit even has screw-terminals which might make hookup easier (rather than having to solder).

There are some power issues to consider when applying these converters (total Amps or Watts) for building lighting.  Menards buildings are all over the map on their power requirements as I think the smallest has only 2 LEDs while some of the larger buildings have hundreds of LEDs!  You really need to do the math!  Rather than muddy the waters for your Vista Dome modification, I'm pretty sure a simple OGR search will pull up several relevant threads.


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  • ac dc non-isolated stepdown
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