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Reply to "Seen this before? MTH LED Full Vista Dome 20-64071"

Yep Stan, the good ol' days are gone, I see very few of those kinds of listings now.  I was thinking about that when I was digging out more 1N4007 diodes from my pack of 1,000 I bought years ago, still working my way through them.  I think I paid less than $4 for the diodes at the time, less than half a cent each.

I did get a recent bargain on eBay, and when I looked again, I see that they made a mistake in the listing, for a change in my favor.

I bought three of these, for a total of $4.80, I thought a pretty good deal.

When I go to the current listing, it obviously was a pretty good deal!  Now they're four times the price!

GRJ, This caught my attention.  Is this what I think it is:  a device to drop a 110 volt accessory down to a 5 volt dc accessory that you can then attach to a 5 volt power source?  I have a 110 volt used accessory that I'd like to make this conversion:

construction accessory


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  • construction accessory
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