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Reply to "Seen this before? MTH LED Full Vista Dome 20-64071"

@IRON HORSE posted:

GRJ, This caught my attention.  Is this what I think it is:  a device to drop a 110 volt accessory down to a 5 volt dc accessory that you can then attach to a 5 volt power source?  I have a 110 volt used accessory that I'd like to make this conversion:

construction accessory

Not sure I understand you project.  Is the 110V AC from the white 2-prong cord going into the paver?  Doesn't that mean there's a 110V AC motor (or whatever) inside the paver?  Is the project then to convert the 110V AC motor to a 5V DC motor and then change the power to 5V DC?

In any case, be sure you have enough power.  Not sure what your accessory actually does and hence how much power (in Watts) is required.  If the eBay converter is indeed "only" 200-300mA, then at 5V it is providing between 1.0 and 1.5 Watts. 

Note that these inexpensive DIY converters are what you would find inside the ubiquitious 5V chargers used for smartphones, tablets, and the like that charge via a micro-USB connector. 

electronic gadget charger micro usb 5V

Depending on your wiring, you might be able to use some part of a generic charger like this to get your 5V DC from 110V AC.


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