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Reply to "Seen this before? MTH LED Full Vista Dome 20-64071"

Must be a senior moment, but I'm still having a problem understanding the problem!

ac synchronous gearmotor

What exactly does the accessory do?!   

Your picture shows what appears to be a so-called AC synchronous gearmotor.  These are inexpensive 110V AC power motors that have a gear reduction mechanism so it rotates very slowly.  The $2 Amazon gear motor spins about 6 RPM when powered by AC line voltage... or one revolution every 10 seconds...very slow.  And it only consumes about 4 Watts.

This particular style of motor will NOT rotate if 5V or 12V DC is applied to it.  It would just get hot!

Of course you could replace the 110V/120V AC synchronous gear motor with a low-voltage (5V, 12V, whatever) DC gear motor.  Obviously this requires fussing with the mechanical coupling from the DC gear motor to whatever shaft connection is made from the paver to the existing AC motor...often it's a so-called D-shaft because the shaft looks like a D rather than a round O.  If you want to pursue this, I suggest starting another thread in the Electrical Forum and I will throw in my 2 cents.


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