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Selling Strategy -- YMMV!

It sure is easier to buy than to sell, isn't it? Selling can require some finesse. I'd be interested to hear what has worked for others. Here is a quick look at things I think I think about selling my stuff...

Maybe this has been discussed in other threads but be sure to consider HOW you are approaching the sale:

Firstly, in my extensive experience, fixed price sells faster than an auction. Try it.

Next, shipping cost puts off many buyers. Add it to your price, give them a discount on the total and say FREE SHIPPING. Buyers like FREE even though in their heart they know the truth.

Next, package like items together so that one shipping cost pays for several items. So the Menards UFO scene goes with the Lionel missile car and lionel target launcher. And so on and so forth. Be creative about grouping things together.

Finally, be patient. Keep the listing running for MONTHS if need be, lowering the price slightly or changing things up with different groups of items and so on. It's a rare listing that won't sell eventually.

A useful formula: eBay Fees + Paypal Fees + Shipping Cost = No Profit. Try OGR and other local club sales and get out of the box if at all possible.

Remember, Brazil sold an AIRCRAFT CARRIER on eBay. They said they lost millions on the sale, but it DID sell! Never say die! (that was before eBay's ban on ordnance sales. When they listed a second carrier a few years later, eBay pulled the listing.).

Don Merz

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