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Reply to "Selling Strategy -- YMMV!"

Good Topic Don! Great tips.

I would add some suggestions for people listing items for sale on the forum:

1. Include photos. So many listings do not, and many of these listings return with reduced pricing, yet still no picture.

2. Proof read your listing. Common mistakes include not listing a price, misspelled words (yes, even though this site has auto-correction and grammar checking), and not indicating the basics - shipping, and preferred payment method.

3. Include photos.

4. Try to refrain from setting conditions of the transaction as the lead paragraph of your listing. Bold and italic text may indicate something important to you, but it could distract from the intention of the message to the browsing buyer, which is for them to buy your trains, etc.

5. Include photos.

6. Try keeping the listing to six items or less. Smaller posts (of course with photos) showcase the items more effectively.

The forum is a great place to sell and buy stuff. The For Sale or Trade section is checked often. I’ve had nothing but great experiences.


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