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Reply to "S Gauge - Sequestered and quiet here??"

@Caldwell posted:

Thinking about it, it  was six years ago when we moved. The layout did not survive but I built a modest 6 by 16 that is more than enough. Sorry no pictures.


Luckily, when I built my layout I was mindful in constructing it with an eventual move in mind.  So I made it sectional.  I tested the concept years ago when I needed to do a home electrical repair where the layout was.  I removed one section, did the repair and replaced the section with no hassle.  Anyway, here's the tubs containing most of my trains awaiting transport to the storage facility:

And the layout itself in the storage unit:


At least with an argument among yourselves, at least one of you is right!  Too bad about those other two slackers, though.

Stay safe all of you guys out there!


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