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Reply to "Shelf Couplers"

@bob2 posted:

That was illuminating.

Alan may be a nice guy, but he got fixated on a couple of relatively small issues and it destroyed his enjoyment of the hobby.

Regardless of what your hobby is, if you fixate on the unavailable, your enjoyment is doomed.

O Scale is not for everyone.  But there are so many facets, and so much available both new and used, that if one wants to be an O Scale hobbyist on a budget, there simply are no insurmountable obstacles.

But if you decide that the only way you can possibly enjoy O Scale is with shelf couplers -

From his (Alan) last comments that I saw, it seemed more like the financial burden was what drove him away. Maybe he will return and illuminate things for us. The last posts of his that I saw were lamenting the high costs of track and switches.


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