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Reply to "Shelf Couplers"

Mike Caddell,

Mike,VERY WELL SAID!! I,myself would like to finally see these couplers for sale even unpainted. I'm also wondering about price and if they'll come as kits or assembled. 

James Lincoln that did the 3D work,said early last year, the couplers may come as kits to permit the ability to make smaller runs at a time,which I assume would allow lower prices,but that's only a guess on my part.

My hat's off to Jimmy Booth and all that had a part in getting these couplers in production.

Yes,Mike,like you said, the Trinity 5161 cvd hoppers, modern tankers,as well as the steel cars were made with the lower shelf couplers. Many cars made with E couplers,are now refitted with lower shelf couplers.

Another great improvement made 1st in O Scale,is the fully operating groundthrow switchstand with lighted red/green lamp. Day targets will be available for modern day modelers. For those interested in this product,go to Type this in your address bar,that will bring up Larry's Company called All Aboard Trains. Larry's a top notch O Scale Modeler and a fine Christian man that treats his customers like family.

Thanks Mike for the post.

As Always,

Al Hummel

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