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Shout Out to Al at Milhouse River Turntables

Im posting this thread on behalf of my father, but I feel just as happy and excited as he is.

We've been wrapping up installation of a Milhouse TT on my dads layout and we are both just so blown away by the quality, ease of installment and the customer service from Al.

Apparently my dad lost his instructions and Al was extremely helpful helping him get the tracks programed over the phone.

Check out the smooth operation!


Cutting the hole for the pit could not have been any easier. We flipped the pit over on the ply wood, traced out the circle out, cut with a jig saw and she fit right in. attaching the bolts was a breeze. From tracing to tightening the last bolt It couldn't have taken more than 40 minutes. 


We joked around that It was too easy and we did't argue or yell once so once it was in just for fun we called each other a few colorful names loudly 


So, if you're in the market for a turntable i can't imagine going with any other manufacturer. I'm really looking forward now to detailing the bridge and getting in some scenery!!



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