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If MTH hadn't canceled the 3/2 version of the Trainmaster, there would be one on my layout. 


I always had a soft spot for the Baldwin cab units.  The freight units had a longer career than the passenger ones, but both very attractive locomotives. 


It is hard to find a favorite for me on the CNJ though because so much of it was unique to the CNJ or least rare.  I saw the GP40Ps in all their paint scheme outside of the fading disco stripe some now wear in their greatly rebuilt form.  Liked them.  I liked the flat long hood of the GP7Ps.  In steam the Camelbacks were simply an anachronism at the end while the Pacifics had a lot of class.    For my home layout, my CNJ roster will consist eventually of all the major equipment that ran 1953-1956 so I can catch the end of steam as well as all those interesting diesel designs.  Now about those steel commuter cars ..... some day maybe a scale version?  Hope so!

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