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Reply to "Show Your Mixed PostWar MPC Layouts"

\Layout Overview

Hang on guys...the Lionel / MPC era may be over but not the layouts!  Here is my "Leonardtown and Savannah", named for two places we lived.  It is all Lionel tubular track, O and O-27 track and switches, ZW power with toggle switch controlled blocks.  The buildings are a combination of Menards, Lionel pre-war, and AF from the 50's.  The Flag pole is Lionel from 1957 (it's a 48 star flag) and the cars etc are from everywhere.

layout scene 1

Here is the AF tower from the post war period.  Theoretically it's "S" scale but it works real well with the somewhat less than scale sized Lionel/MPC trains.  The Crossing sign is Marx as is the yard tower.  Tree's and such are post Christmas sales from our local art supply store.

layout scene 2 McDonalds.

Here is the Menards, "Main Street" buildings and a ceramic McDonalds from one of the various Christmas building sets you see in the stores .  The kids are looking at the racoons in the garbage...they are enjoying lunch too!

layout scene 4 footbridge

My "Small Town" suburban station, a Lionel pre-war station (forget the #) and my footbridge over the town stream.  Commuters await the morning run to work.

Layout Small Town Center

Here is most of "Small Town" it fits inside my 0-27 loop and works ok although the clearances for much more than switcher engines is too tight.  The Williams 44 ton GE engines (I have 2) work great here but so do my MPC small steamers.

Well that's it, thought I would let you know that for some of us the Lionel / MPC period still goes on !!

Best Wishes



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  • Layout Overview
  • layout scene 1
  • layout scene 2 McDonalds.
  • layout scene 4 footbridge
  • Layout Small Town Center
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