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   The thumbnail veiwer doesn't work all the time for absolutely everyone on every piece of hardware and software at all times. Especially as fast as code changes today. Sometimes I can copy the code, start a post, and insert it into my own post using your posts address to see it, sometimes the option doesn't show.

  Users adding it to text is a more direct and universal approach than thumbnail viewers and players.  It will almost always load quickly & correctly from there cross platform.  My option to see would be download it, exit the browser and look, then return. Not ideal for tech posts esp. 

  Yep, I'm complaining some. But also asking for a renewal of a general consideration.  I never had a problem before because it so seldomly happened. I.e., I'm not the first to point this out either. There was a sort of "rally" by folks to check the box, a few years back. I would think traces of it could still be sticky posts in the forum tech section.

  Better yet why not? Imagry usually improves the look and interest of each page. Newspapers, magazines, and now sites prove it's preferable.

 Seeing pictures before joining was one of the reasons many folks end up here, whether realized or not. (I know more than a little about involuntary and trending reaction to commercial presentations in general. It's stage magic and graphic art combined and aimed at the common reactions (and memory)

    Beats 3/4 of a page of grey repeats too 😂    

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