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Reply to "silver paint match for Lionel Postwar 2343,2353 cabs"

Thanks guys- Postwar Lionel F-3's are my favorites- have been for 42 years.  Years ago(1970's-80's) there was no MTH, Weaver, Kline, Williams.. so I scoured local neighborhood's garage sales & local classified ads. I operated in a 'cleanup, fixup mode' all the time and did "upgrade" collecting and selling. Also got into painting and restoration... Things were cheap. They had to be (I had a young family to support struggling in my early business career and saving for a house etc.) There wasn't any big money left over for trains. $100.00 was a huge, rare expenditure for me.

I stuck with it and have enjoyed the ride. There is a saying- "A  laborer works with their hands.  A craftsman works with their hands and head. An artist works with their hands, their head and their heart."  That's the difference in anything you decide to do. Passion. And the thrill of the find the next project.

We have a responsibility to preserve the past for future generations- Made in America by Americans- the best that ever was. Made to last- simple, sturdy stuff. Not high tech, expensive, finicky junk- that will not endure into the future (no circuit boards). Gotcha!

How about a car from that time period - say a 1955, 56 or 57 Chevy BelAir ? Same principles apply..

I am glad to be a 'baby boomer'- and posterity of the 'greatest generation' that ever lived - who went thru the Depression with nothing, started to recover from it, only to go off to WWII at great sacrifice again.  Wow.

A few more pictures of F3's to enjoy including the next generation...

Best Regards. 


Images (17)
  • IMG_0033-005: stripped, primed, F-3 shells August 2021
  • IMG_0063: stripped, Illinois Central frame June 2020
  • IMG_0021-007: Illinois Central F-3 restore June 2020 on track to test reassembly operation
  • IMG_0004-006: Illinois Central F-3 restore painted frame June 2020
  • IMG_0025-005: Illinois Central F-3 AB restored 1955 set 2239W  on layout maiden run since restoration Dec. 2020
  • IMG_0023-007: Illinois Central F-3 restored AB 1955 set 2239W on layout maiden run since restoration Dec 2020
  • IMG_0038-007: City of Los Angeles powered A restored unit on layout - first run August 2021
  • IMG_0037-007: City of Los Angeles unpowered unit on layout August 2021- first run August 2021
  • IMG_0092: Santa Fe 2343 shells "chrome painted"- June 2021- will become custom Burlington F3 AA shells
  • 1-Glenn & Ben: Grandpa Choo Choo with Grandson Ben - Lionel Postwar Santa Fe Set Christmas Tree Layout
  • IMG_4041: train room F3 display refurbished Postwar IC and Southern
  • IMG_4042: train room F-3 display refurbished Postwar WP  AA and B&O AB
  • IMG_4043: train room F-3 display custom painted Denver RG "BumbleBee", Southern Pacific  "Black Widow"
  • IMG_4044: train room F-3 display  refurbished Postwar B&O AB, Texas Special AA
  • IMG_2544: some of the next generation of train nuts Ben and Wyatt @ Grandpa's House Christmas Layout
  • IMG_2474: Ben gets his first train set
  • IMG_2477: Ben running  his own Hogwarts Set under the Tree
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