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JD2035RR posted:

There was a recent post that suggested using grounding strips/grounding bars to avoid the need for jumpers.  These seemed to be a cost efficient approach at $5.58 for 9 terminal (you can have more than 1 wire in each terminal hole).

Good luck and please update us when you get a chance.




Grounding strips are made for 14 to 12 gauge electrical wire used in 15 to 20 Amp circuits in electrical boxes. The gauge of wire for most accessories is much smaller, since they draw very small amps. I use grounding strips for track power, but you need to be careful with accessory wire connections. It is possible to reduce the effective gauge of the wire at the connection if only a small portion of the wire surface is making contact with the connector. It can also be difficult making the connections with small wires in a grounding strip.

Also, "double tapping" a terminal hole in a grounding strip or terminal strip would be against electrical code (if it applied) and is considered an unreliable means of connection. There are connectors that are made to allow two connections, but the ones shown here are not.


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