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So..I went and did a thing. Guess the Lionel bug has bitten hard again

It all started with someone posting on another site, a nice 736 Berk that he had put one of the red Atomic brush plates on.  Really added the extra "zing" to an already handsome model.  I love Berks or any Lionel steamer for that matter.  But the smoke units are a trigger for my asthma, no matter what I try in them from original pellets, repro pellets, various oils ect.  I also love the earlier double worm drive Berks as it puts less wear on the rods and the speed is a bit more tempered on a small layout.  So I find what I am looking for over on the 24/7 train show otherwise known as ebay.  A super clean 1946 726 Berk with boxes, and from looking in the back, appears to be one of the high stack atomic motor.  I compared pics looking in the cab of the short stack and high stack and I think I got the high stack motor I wanted.  I plan to find a red brush holder with the screw in style brush tubes(if you have one I am buyin!) Cant wait for the loco to arrive!    AD



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