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Sold the house, kept the layout

In this sellers market, I would have been crazy to not sell. Problem is, I had a 22'-6" garage and the new house down to 20'! Heartbreaking to moving what I put my blood sweat and tears into, but it had to be done. Here is the new design. This time however, I'm using the entire garage of 20'x20'.

The good side of it is, I learned so much building the Gomez and Rogue Mountain Railroad, that the GRMRR 2.0 will be even better!!

Looking forward to comments on the design. See the attached.

My previous posts have vids of the the 1st go round but I've attached some to this post to show how great it was.

Even though I only finished the benchwork and laying the track, it's still worth a look...I think...I hope...anyway...

On to the new!!

I suppose the idea I'm trying to express most is, you can build whatever you want.

Lionnnn  (that name has NOTHING to do with Lionel trains)


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Gomez and Rogue Mountain Railroad 01
Gomez and Rogue Mountain Railroad 02
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