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Reply to "Sold the house, kept the layout"

Hello All,

Thanks for all the responses. I'll do my best to address them all. Here goes.

Mark, thanks for the positive encouragement as always! I've attached the SCARM track plan and a separate one with the lower loop in yellow by itself. It's a 3rd independent loop.

DCtransit, minimum on the 3 loops (2 track mainline in red and blue and lower loop in yellow) minimum 081. It was tricky for a number of reasons. All the 081's have a 1 090 transition. The 2 track mainline is 4 1/2" o.c.  All the 090's have a 099 transition. The yards and station are minimum 072. This is primarily a passenger train display layout and most of my cars are 21". Ya just gotta have wide sweeping curves...

aussteve, yes. I am going to salvage most or all of the elevated 2 track mainline and incorporate what I can into the new design. Easier said than done, but I'll make it work where I can.

Bill, truly heartbreaking after all the work. However, the grades on the new one are a bit less steep. Big plus. Also, The GRMRR was the 1st layout I've built in 30 years AND my 1st O gauge. Learned a lot so the 1200 will be even better.

Dave, Please forgive the 'misleading' title. Actually, I did keep it. However, some major remodeling will be forthcoming. I'll reuse 90%+ of the benchwork (legs, girders and grid) and most all of the track. Most is sectional and screwed to the homasote so fairly easy to disassemble. I'll lose some of the plywood and homasote but those are the breaks. I actually did build it to move it. Two sections: 22'-6"x6'-8" and 22'-6"x5'-8" bolted together. Also, I join the track close to the benchwork seams. Just didn't think it would be moved so soon. Currently in storage and to be moved to the new house (see the photos). Lots of work to be done.

Strugglinman, Just be methodical and don't hurry. Mark the connection points. keep a log and take photos.

What I really need is some direction on how to wire this thing. I have a new Z-WL and an older model TMCC remote. However, I want to use functioning block signals and am in the dark as to to how to do it.

I'll post as I go...might be a couple months before any real progress. I'll keep updating.

My actual handle is 'Rogue Trains'. Lionnnn has nothing to do with Lionel trains. nuf said.



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