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Would you believe: My original layout plans for the Hidden Pass Junction RR included the Rotary Coal Tipple that had been announced by Lionel on the 2011 Volume II catalog, page 79. As we found out shortly afterwards, they decided not to offer the Tipple.

Instead, I used that layout space for a turntable – yes, a Millhouse River Studio 34” turntable. I have posted numerous pictures of this beautiful turntable, which doubles as an access hatch. The turntable also appeared on the cover of OGR magazine’s Run 292 June / July 2017 cover.

Now, where and how am I going to find space for your new Rotary Tipple? I have wanted a rotary tipple so badly that I have an almost completed design to build one myself, but have stopped short due to lack of space. But for yours, I may have to rethink the space search all over.


That’s a great story about the layout Alex. I love seeing all the fun everyone has with their turntables. That was a nice cover photo you had. I think the tipple will be another hot item for everyone. My plans right now will be to have the indexing sled to pull the cars through the tipple as a seperate accessory, since a lot of people just won’t have the extra space for it, but you will be able to operate the tipple as a independent unit.


T4TT,  I don’t think there will be TMCC control, but I will talk with my computer engineer and see what he says.



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