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Reply to "Some OGR Forum History Questions"

  1. When (date) was the OGR forum launched?
    I don't have an exact date, but I think it was some time around 2000.

  2. What was the initial hardware / software used?
    Initially the forum ran on a small Cobalt RAQ server. The software I used was something called PHP BB, a PHP based Bulletin Board app. It is still available today.

  3. Any statistics on the forum's size or growth over the first year would be of interest.
    I can't specific cite member growth numbers, but I can tell you that the little Cobalt RAQ server was overwhelmed within the first year. After a few months of operation I began to notice that the performance of the forum was slowing down. I logged into the admin section of the server to look at some of the performance numbers. The CPU (the Central Processing Unit) was running at 100% almost all the time, and the server was being hit with forum page requests every few seconds!

    At the time, PHP BB offered hosting services on their servers. So we paid the extra money to move the forum to their servers, which solved the performance problems.

  4. When was the first OGR Forum meeting in the York Grandstand?  (I recall the forum membership being small enough for each of us to introduce ourselves.)
    This one I can't answer. Someone who was there may be able to nail down this one.


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