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Reply to "Some OGR Forum History Questions"

...One of the pivotal events took place in 2005 when there was a server change and everyone had to re-register...We have many of the original folks still here. I really miss the "elders" that have passed through the veil. I'm sure I'll have my memory jogged by the other's reminisces and look forward to seeing those posts.

We have had to change servers and platforms several times during the evolution of this forum. As we added members, we steadily outgrew the servers and the platforms we were using.

The move in 2005 was when we moved away from the PHP BB software and went to the Eve platform. We had outgrown the capabilities of PHP BB app, and the forum performance was suffering for it. Eve offered much more robust servers and more features. Because the PHP BB app was so different from Eve, there was no way to migrate members and posts from PHP BB over to Eve. Believe me, I tried, but it just wasn't possible. We successfully used Eve for many years before we outgrew it's capabilities too!

After several  years with Eve, the same company that built and hosted Eve (Social Strata) came out with a more robust app that they called Hoopla. Because it was within the same company, we were able to migrate all  forum members and all the Eve threads into Hoopla. Hoopla added features we didn't have in Eve (embedded video clips, for example). Hoopla then became Crowdstack, and that's what we are using today.

We have grown from that little Cobalt RAQ server that served a couple of thousand pages per month, to having our own, high-powered, dedicated server at a major data center in Seattle that served almost 10 million pages last month! During the fall and winter months, we regularly see over 12 million page views per month here. The recent maintenance window we had back on June 24 was to move us to an even bigger server, with more disc space and RAM.

I, too, miss many of the "elders" as Bob Coniglio named our early members. Bob was a key figure in the early development of the OGR Forum. For several years when we were on Eve, Bob posted new threads here on a daily basis, and they were good threads, from a very fertile mind. Bob used to email me every once in a while in recent years, however I haven't heard from Bob for many months now.

Good thread!

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