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Reply to "Some OGR Forum History Questions"

Fact is, half the stuff that was posted back in the day about elephants and such would be deleted today.  Back then with a smaller group, and then only a few that would stray so far off topic, it wasn't bad for the occasional elephant story.  Now with so many members, even if a small percentage would talk about elephants we'd have a herd.

BobC was famous for his "Trains for Kids" program.  I seem to remember that I turned in 3 kids and not once got a train.

OGR back in 2009 was at the Super Bowl.  Only 4 forum sponsors at the time.  I might even have one from 2002 at home.  Will have to check.  Back when I used to travel, OGR's forum was a welcome distraction from being away from home.



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