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Wish I would have known that they would pay to have it sent in for service.  I went over the whole story with the costumer service rep and provided all the RA numbers, even sent a e-mail to a tech and Lionel never once provided me we a shipping label.  

In the back of your owners manual it postage is covered both ways for the 2 year vl warranty period. However transportation and shipping charges are not?? Not sure what that means?gotta return it via post office????

Just for the sake of asking

The volume know under the hatch is up all the way?

You checked the main volume by pressing volume up.

Did you check the background volume? This gives you the noises going down the track.

Background volume is AUX1-volume up, Aux1-volume up, Aux1-volume up....

Aux1 has to be pressed everyone prior to volume up to raise background volume. This is something that many folks miss with their locomotives because the manuals aren't very clear.


I checked the volume control under the hatch it was all the way up. I will double check the background volume when I get off work.

Thanks for the ideas.

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