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Reply to "Proto:48 SP&S Scratch Built Caboose Completed"

@Sarah posted:

Wonderful! What decoder are you using for the lighting?

Hi Sarah:

I had experimented with the Digikeijs DR80015 Function Decoder.  It is super small and has front / back / extra function capability.  It was a struggle from the start.  There was little in the way of instructions and apparently, you must have a load on the track when you program the decoder.  The few times I was able to set the CV's for my situation the LED / resistor pairs would not light.  I found some articles where some people actually used a locomotive as the load.  This of course alters the CV's in the locomotive used.  I also tried a had wired can motor as a load and that generated errors.  I think the need for a load (motor) on the programming track is a design flaw for this type of decoder.  But that is just me.  

I could rig a up one of the ultra small bridge rectifiers and some resistor / LED pairs and use track power but I am leery of the amount of heat that the rectifier may generate.  

Still looking for some other possible solutions.....



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