Steam Drive Rods and Neo Lube

I just recently applied neo lube to the drive rods of my MTH 1997 vintage cab forward.  It was super easy to apply and I think it looks much better, but I am wondering if it is too dark before going through my roster of older engines that had the same chromed finish on them (such as my Yellowstone or Greenbrier). 


Are there different versions of Neo Lube that produce different results?  I was thinking it would produce a lighter color and not so black.  What were the engines like in real life, assuming they were newer, as I do not like to weather my trains.  Today, each toy manufacture seams to produce there own version of colored drive rods.  I assume the metal on the rods would  look like old dirty set of pliers or were they painted while in service? 


Look forward to some feed back on this.


















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