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Reply to "Steel Mill Time Switchlist"

@BillYo414 posted:

I'm working on the details for operating sessions on my steel mill layout. I exhausted most of my resources for this question and thought someone here might know an answer:

How much dust did a blast furnace make at the dust collector in the 1930s-1950s? The MTH 30-75509 discharge hopper car is the car I would like to spot there. It's not exactly in my time period but my railroad is trying it out as a prototype It looks like the volume of that car is 2893 ft^3.

I'm trying to figure out how often a car will need to be spotted at the dust collector for each furnace. My searching on the internet came up empty. I have a few books and articles but they didn't cover dust collection amounts. My next step will be heading to the museum to raid their books. I'm betting the answer is there. It's just the museum option is tough at the moment because you need an appointment and they prefer weekdays (I work during that time).

The back up plan is just make it a value that makes sense for operation. I just prefer to have a more realistic idea.


I consulted my (actually my father's) 1957 edition of The Making, Shaping, and Treating of Steel, but was unable to discover any reference to quantities of dust created.  The process is described, but the numbers are not included.  Sorry.

I think you should take a big swallow of modeler's license and make an executive decision.


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