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Reply to "Step by Step Photos: How to Put Kadees on Atlas Cars"

WOW! Guys, terrific response that I did not expect so soon! I started this last night as a work in progress and was going to finish it this morning, and never expected the great, enthusiastic responses so quick. I have to run out, but look for two more things I was going to add, height and shim pics. Remember, this is meant to attract guys to 3RS, new people, and maybe those that are sitting on the fence. If I make it too complicated, or add too many steps it will be a turnoff, look hard and defeat the purpose. Once someone tries this, and as they "get into it" I believe they will discover better and more correct methods on their own. We have to get them started first. So I may eliminate a step, and had planned to add two more pics. There were some good thoughts I'll address later, I have to run out now.


I think the wood screws take care of that slight mismatch between the spacing of the Kadee holes and the Atlas holes. You can start the pointed wood screws where you could not do the same as easily for machine screws. Plus they eliminate the tapping step.

Jim's got it. But, again too much info may defeat the purpose here. I'll look at all the good tips you guys have added, figure out a way to simply incorporate them, in the next few days, change it with your everyone's good ideas to make it as simple as possible, and maybe submit to OGR? Word has to get out there is a new age dawning! Big Grin


I don't get Atlas either, but last thing I want to do is start off with "take out your drill", you'll have the 3R guys running for the hills. Smile


If you don't put those screws back, with some rough handling the trucks may come apart, again, don't want that to happen and frustrate someone. A good tip to add though.

Overall, we have to "tread" lightly here. Drill sizes, using measurements etc. believe it or not turn many guys off. Everyone here is dead on, but my goal will be to try and make it simple. So, there is a trade off. But I think once they get started, see the joys of realistic couplers, taking out the slack, uncoupling etc, the more advanced methods will come naturally.

Maybe outline the east way, and then in brackets or something outline the "advanced modelers tip"?
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