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Reply to "Step by Step Photos: How to Put Kadees on Atlas Cars"

Originally posted by Bob Delbridge:
Does anyone use the 2 side mounting holes on the Kadee coupler pocket vice using the 2 centerline holes?

Also, does anyone cut off the "air hose"? I have had to bend practically every one of mine so they won't snag on the track. The only reason I haven't cut them off yet is because I had plans for using the between-the-rails magnets, but so far I haven't used them (does anyone?).

When I converted my rolling stock it seems like I had 1 or 2 Atlas cars that had to be done differently, because of interference with underbody details. They may have been older Atlas cars, I'll have to check.

Yes, I cut most all of the "air hoses" off the Kadees. "someday" I'll get to imitation operating air hoses, and have cut the already ones off. IF they are dragging on the rails, they are too low. A tool that most any train modeler should have is a Kadee Coupler Gauge

Don't assume that the car you are lineing up to is correct.

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