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Originally posted by Will:
So the question is, is this enough, or is this just another step down the road toward the hard stuff- i.e. 2 rail? Because there is still that third rail. Big Grin

WHAT?!?!?! After all, this IS the 3RS forum, we have no qualms about the 3rd rail Roll Eyes

I recently took some new Atlas caboose trucks apart to remove the claw coupler, it was not an easy task, much like what needs to be done to a Lionel truck.

Having a Kadee mounting pad is a start, but a big problem is the underframes and bolsters causing the cars to ride so high (for 3-rail wheel clearance) that sometimes it requires a large amount of shim to get the Kadees to the correct height.

I'm currently redoing a MTH caboose because I found I can flip the metal floor and lower the riding height of the car plus reducing the amount of shim. I noticed this on my other rolling stock, don't know why I didn't notice the caboose (may have been my first conversion and didn't know any better).


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