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Unfortunately I failed to write down the item number(s) of the cabeese when I bought them (I may have the sales slip though and will look later).

I have 3 MTH cabeese that I repainted/re-lettered for Seaboard Air line. 2 of them have metal floors that have a dimple where the trucks mount (the 3rd cab, a CA-1, doesn't have the same type floor). The one I flipped the metal floor on bears little resemblance to the original, I made new "plywood" sides for it so I could relocate the windows.

I simply turned it over on one of them, cut off the small bent-up sides (where the plastic battery box and brake gear are located) with a Dremel disk and reassembled the cab. I actually had to add a washer/spacer so the wheels wouldn't hit as the truck rotates.

I haven't done it yet to the 2nd cab and there's still a good 1/8" clearance between the wheels and the underframe.

The metal floor plate has large tabs at each end, I cut them off straight across so I could easily install mounting pads for the Kadees.

I'll post pix in a bit.


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