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Reply to "Step by Step Photos: How to Put Kadees on Atlas Cars"

Originally posted by Ray Marion:

Thank you for this insight. I ran into this today and came to the same solution you did. I hope Pete K still lets us in on his Lionel truck secret.I don't see any way around cutting/grinding/snipping etc. Thanks again for the pics.

Ray Marion


Concerning the Lionel truck "secret sic.", the problem occures when Kadee #805 couplers & boxes are used, because all that clap-trap steel stuff on the Lionel truck interferes with the rear of the Kadee box, when the truck rotates. When the "short box" Kadee couplers (#806 I think) are used, you do NOT have to cut all that crap off the Lionel truck.

Since I have long been using the Kadee #805 couplers (I purchase them in bulk), I have also had to use the Dremel to cut all that crap off the few Lionel cars/trucks I have up-graded, just as Laidoffsick has shown, above.
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