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Reply to "Stickler for small detail, much?"

This sort of 'passion' I find all too humorous. 


But, I most certainly applaud the pursuit.  I encourage anyone associated with the hobby to 'find their niche', and enjoy it to the max!!


This reminds me of an article in Model Railroader magazine back in the 80's.  There was "A humorous look at some friends in the hobby"...a collection of poetry and art by Walt Bartlett.  Among seven profiles of model railroading hobbyist was "The Nit Picker"...


"The Picker of Nits

can give a rail fits.

"You've built it all wrong," he'll sigh.

"Why, the valve on the side

is three microns too wide,

and the dome is four-hundredths too high!"


He'll then beg your pardon,

if he came down too hard on

the features of models he's rated;

but his judgements are fair,

exact, plumb, and square,

since he's had his eyeballs calibrated.



We (LHS) have at least one of this breed among our most treasured customers.  It wouldn't be the same without his perspective! frustrated as he is!


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