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Reply to "Straightening Bent Die-Cast Cab Roof January 30 Update"

So the time has come to try to straighten out this roof.IMG_0024So, I used a contour gauge to transfer the curve of the roof to a piece of 1 x 3 oak.  Using hardwood as suggested by harmonyards.  The first attempt at cutting out the pattern did go well so a second pattern had to be made.IMG_0033IMG_0035Pretty good using a jig saw.  I had to use a rasp to round out the straighter area on the lower right.  Then using two 4" C clamps  to mount the forms and apply some pressure.IMG_0036IMG_0038IMG_0041You can see from the second photo the top and bottom don't line up perfectly because of the overhang of the roof and the deflectors on the trailing edge.  Now for the hard part, the squeeze with patience.  I think 1/4 turn per day using a heat gun prior to tightening.


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