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Reply to "Straightening Bent Die-Cast Cab Roof January 30 Update"

So today was the unveiling.  I went from this2021-01-12 14.30.27to thisIMG_0052IMG_0053

From this2021-01-12 14.30.39to thisIMG_0056I think it came out pretty good.  The deflector is a little chewed up but I don't think there is anything I can do about that. I did touch up the chipped paint with a Sharpie.  The only thing I was considering was turning my form around and pressing again.

IMG_0054Due to my poor skills using the jig saw the curve of my form is not perfectly symmetrical but made up of several arcs of different radii.  The left side a little more shallow and the right side a little deeper.  This is the way it was originally used.  I wonder if I turn it around with the shallower curve on the right and the deeper curve on the left if the final result may be even better than what I have now.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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