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Reply to "Studio Shots: American Scale Models Diesel Wash Rack"

@mark s posted:

Santiago:    ...snip... One of those O1a's has been preserved in Mendota, IL (#4978, with Elesco feed water heater. That specific locomotive was done by Sunset 3rd Rail).


This one?

CB&Q 2-8-2, Mendota, IL-05CB&Q 2-8-2, Mendota, IL-01CB&Q 2-8-2, Mendota, IL-02

I took these on a 2015 visit to Mendota when attending an event at Sandwich, IL. That little museum is quite an interesting place. When I was there, they offered rides on a track car and trailer; not to bad for (at that time) around $1.50.

CB&Q railcar Mendota, IL 01


Images (4)
  • CB&Q 2-8-2, Mendota, IL-05
  • CB&Q 2-8-2, Mendota, IL-01
  • CB&Q 2-8-2, Mendota, IL-02
  • CB&Q railcar Mendota, IL 01
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