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trainman29 posted:

hello joe f the 2 rail track looks great also are the ties on that track plastic or wood ?     looks great

Hello Trainman29

Those ATLAS ties are PLASTIC with realistic wood grain molded into them -- and are black plastic as when purchased.  I repaint mine a dirty brown (I used Floquil roof brown years ago) mixed with a tiny bit of  Floquil grimy black.  I used Floquil rail brown for weathering- rusting the tie plates and running rails except, of course, for the rail head and flange side of the running rails.  The metal guard and flange "check" rails are painted (Floquil) grimy black

ATLAS uses the same details and treatment and rail sizes on both their O-scale 2 rail and O-Gauge 3 rail track -- the 3 rail track has scale rail as does the 2 rail track.

BELOW are two photos of some of my hand cut home made rail ties and rail spiked to them for use in parts of my yards.

regards - Joe F




Joe F


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