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Reply to "Suggestions for Scale N&W Coal Hoppers?"

@0-Gauge CJ posted:

I recently picked up a used N&W 4-8-2 K3, which means it's time to grab some coal cars and a caboose. I'm looking for cars that were pre-1950s (the K3s were sold off mid-40's but I don't want to be too picky). I've been trying to research what coal hoppers were used in this period, and it seems that rolling stock is not as widely documented as locomotives are, at least online

N&W coal hoppers are pretty specific to just the N&W. I seem to recall that the only prototypically N&W coal hoppers in O Scale were offered by Rich Yoder (you'll have to Google his website).

Does anyone here have suggestions?

I think you will finf=d that those N&W K3 locomotives handled passenger trains. Thus, coal hoppers might not be appropriate.

Also, Lionel is selling a non-scale 6-pack of N&W 70-ton hoppers, are these close enough to scale that they can be pulled by the K3?

Probably not.

Would these fit into the time period?

Don't think so.

Thanks for your input

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