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Reply to "Sunday Scenic Showcase January 17,2021"

@coach joe posted:

Mel I don't recall seeing that section house before.  That's a great model.  I don't know if I'd have the perseverance to spend a month on roof shingles.  Did you have to let each row dry before attaching the next row?

Thanks Joe,

Here is an overview of the 12'-by-8' layout, completed in 2004. It was the subject of an article in OGR Run 204 in 2006. The Vance Junction section house is at the right edge of the photo. That corner was the last area that I completed on the layout and I have not changed anything since. I hadn't built a layout in more than 40 years when I began working on it, so I kept it simple because I wasn't too sure of what I was doing.


I use a 50/50 mixture of Scenic Express Matte Medium (or sometimes yellow carpenter's glue) and water to attach the shingles. First, cut a strip of shingles slightly longer than needed, apply mixture to back of strip with a brush, then align and lay into position, press down with fingers, wipe glue off fingers... The glue dries by the time the next strip has been prepared. The next day, when glue is fully dry, I trim the shingles with a single-edge razor blade where they overlap the edge of the roof. Paper shingles are the most tedious part of making a wood model.



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